Woodcut 1 of the Rosarium Philosophorum, 1550 edition: courtesy of the Alchemical Website

One becomes two
two becomes three
and out of the third
comes the one as the fourth

Maria Prophetissa


who are we now?
H Y P E R T E X T  F I C T I O N   &   W E S T E R N   W O R L D V I E W S
B Y  M E G A N  K E R R

Postmodernism represents a shift in the collective unconscious of the western world which hypertext fiction can help to consolidate. Jung's reading of alchemy illuminates this process of transformation.

This website was originally submitted to and hosted by the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in June 2000. Parts of it were presented as the paper Hypertext, Alchemy and Postmodernism at the Rand Afrikaans University WWW2000 Conference, 6-8 September 2000. The layout has been slightly updated and broken links repaired, but the content remains intact. Text © Megan Kerr. All coloured images within the site are © Adam McLean, reproduced by kind permission.

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