MD Kerr


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Port Meadow flooded: the slate blue sky and river reflecting each other in stillness with a sliver of olive green meadowland dividing them River reeds at Port Meadow in twilight, faintly purple against a glowing soft blue river Port Meadow flooded, sky and river slate, sliver of olive green meadowland, with two half-submerged poles perfectly reflected A portrait of summer weeds against blue corrugated iron A riot of summer weeds, bright pink poppies and buttercups stirring the others into mob-frenzy Portrait of a poppy against blue corrugated iron A close-up of moss in spring, light slanting luminously through the heads and catching the filaments of a spider web Dark wine-red wild carnations by the riotously overgrown side of the canal, the rust-red prow of a canal boat just visible White blossoms in a copse, full-petalled growing from the trees and dainty ones springing from the ground Close-up of white blossoms growing in a wood, thick and soft looking, bursting from diagonal twigs that criss-cross each other Lantern in the mist with dark tree trunks on either side Photo: Thick blossoms on a hedge against a background of mist Photo: blossoms opening in a tangle of hedge, moss and spiders webs Lantern in the mist with dark tree trunks on either side Toppling wooden gate by a verge of green ivy and fallen beech leaves on a misty day Single bare tree on the far side of the Isis from Christ Church Meadows Flaming-red beech tree Four trees in autumn - locust tree, laburnum, plum, and scots pine Gooseberries catching sunlight by a sycamore trunk Horsechestnut turning in autumn by Christ Church Meadows Spring plum blossoms against a dark trunk on a white-skied day Snow on bare branches by a fir and a copper beech Buttermere (1) Buttermere (2) Buttermere (3) Whitby view and viewer Folly bridge trees
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