MD Kerr


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The Swedish sea in Prussian blue with sharp-shadowed wavelets Weeds on the verge of a railway track making a collage of dense tones of greens, puples and beiges, delicate and rich as a jewel box A mixture of blue-tinted leaves and fir with a few russet-coloured leaves from last season The velvety spring green leaves of a locust tree in midsummer A bindweed hedge, the white trumpet-shaped flowers still furled A bindweed hedge with bright yellow buttercup flowers White water outside The Trout, Oxford, marbled in white on a brown background Dirty lime leaves turning gold against a background of tangled reddish twigs Bright gold lime leaves against the fronds of a Scotch pine, with red berries Beech leaves in green, yellow and russet Purple-blue berries with wine-coloured leaves on a silver trunk Red ivy leaves on an old wall, Queen's Lane Laburnum tree in seed Lime leaves against a dark purple beech tree Upward-angle of a locust tree's foliage Terracotta wall Old and young beech foliage in russet and green Feathery grasses in the Campagna Roman wall with ivy overgrowing it Curtain of weeping willow Bamboo Jellyfish Dry stone walling Blue flowers Pocked sand Tree moss Sea Slate pebbles
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