MD Kerr

NaPoWriMo 2019

A poem a day for the month of April

I've been writing a poem a day since April last year, when NaPoWriMo got me hooked on the practice. This round, I'm sharing my poems – here, and also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud, all raw and wriggling, the way Gollum likes his fish! The pages are all set up in advance; each day's poem will pop up on its page as it's written. As with all the poems, they're #FreeForPoets if you want to riff off them for your own.

The holiday poems are now also up and typed, so you can read days 12 to 20, starting here with Day 12: a haiku.

Listen on SoundCloud: NaPoWriMo 2019 playlist

Day 0: Naked  ~   Day 1: Erotic potatoes  ~   Day 2: The question  ~   Day 3: Very clear explanation  ~   Day 4: Matisse  ~   Day 5: The thing in the corner  ~   Day 6: Steampunk sestina  ~   Day 7: Gifts & joy  ~   Day 8: I think I've got it already, thanks  ~   Day 9: List of things that cannot be named  ~   Day 10: A monkey's wedding  ~   Day 11: Origins  ~   Day 12: Travelling haiku  ~   Day 13: Haibun  ~   Day 14: Penelope's  ~   Day 15: The Day Job  ~   Day 16: Because Ian McEwan...  ~   Day 17: Pantoum  ~   Day 18: Nonet for Isabel  ~   Day 19: Voidokilia  ~   Day 20: Returning haiku  ~   Day 22: Isn't it madness  ~   Day 23: The bird  ~   Day 24: Cimeliarch  ~   Day 25: Old English spring  ~   Day 26: On The Sofa  ~   Day 27: Coupling, sonnet 116  ~   Day 28: Bird / hammer /book  ~   Day 29: It's unfair...  ~   Day 30: Nap rubliw

See the new NaPoWriMo poems as they pop up, complete with pics of the handwritten drafts, natter to me, and help me with titles for them, via whatever social media you call home:

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making my poems #FreeForPoets to write hybrid poemsAll my poems on this site are now #FreeForPoets to play with, to write hybrid forms such as glosas, coupling poems, golden shovels, acrostics, centos, and erasures. Full permissions here: #FreeForPoets.