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Day 16: Because Ian McEwan Thinks Sci-Fi Should Explore the Question of Personhood Instead of Anti-Grav Boots But Honestly Weve Done Personhood to Death and Barely Touched the Tip of Anti-Grav Boots

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Because it is such a weak force you defy it every time you lift a copy of Frankenstein
Because it is the wildcard that messes with our other Three Laws of how the universe works
Because it operates over vaster distances than a simulated battle of bugs could even attempt
Because it relies on enormous mass but can be possessed by even a frakken toaster
Because the Statue of Liberty may drown in sand before we learn to harness such a force
Because we would have to condense it tighter than a robot compacts rubbish
Because it controls time more completely than code can control consciousness
Because in its densest form it is the ultimate Terminator of matter, time, light, and all we know of the universe
Because a single step in such boots would be a space odyssey
Can we ditch all the shit about personhood already
And crack on with the anti-grav boots?

Thanks to for the prompt to write a list poem, and to everyone on Twitter for gleefully listing the many, many, MANY works of science fiction that deal with personhood. It's... basically the entire genre.


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