MD Kerr

Day 17

A pantoum

Handwritten poem

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You smashed me, pulled me, piled
my broken parts around
the outcrop’s edge where wild,
I’d fallen free and drowned

my broken parts around
the blue: a golden rim.
I’d fallen free and drowned
before, from woods that swim

the blue, a golden rim
around the curves I’d lacked
before. From woods that swin,
you poured ashore and hacked

around the curves. I lacked
my strength. Your mortar’s weak.
You poured ashore and hacked
yourselves, so crazed to seek

my strength. Your mortar’s weak:
you squelched and rotted down
yourselves. So crazed to seek
the place, like hallowed ground

you squelched and rotted down.
You smashed me, pulled me, piled
the place like hallowed ground –
the outcrop’s edge is wild.

Thanks to for the prompt to write a scene from an an unusual point of view.


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