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Day 22: Isn't it madness

Rondeau redouble

Handwritten poem

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At thirteen, all I knew
of heartbreak was this grand
and adult soaring blue
duet: some glamourous land

of poignant perms and tanned
despair. I learnt, in lieu
of rage, youd understand,
at thirteen. All I knew

was spotlit shadows strew
such plangent grief, and planned
my own. I got my due
of heartbreak. Was it grand,

this broken earth, no band,
just hollow chokes, no view
to gaze at, rocking, bland
and adult? Soaring blue

is tasting skies with you
and stitching days, a strand
of years, a laughing skew
duet: some glamourous land

the cameras never panned
of laundry, sex, and flu,
of love that can withstand
some rage. I never knew,
at thirteen.

Thanks to for the prompt to write an ekphrastic poem and thanks (I think) Justin Myers for earworming me with this 80s classic first thing in the morning. Enjoy the song in all its permed, heart-breaking glory here.


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