MD Kerr

Day 23: The bird

Free verse

Handwritten poem

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Sharp triangles, gold-rose-black
overhead, geometric against the blue
when I floated
when I couldnít walk
I flew
and mermaid-danced then lay,
buoyant, under you

always the same bird

the same one I saw etched
on pottery, heavy still and clumsy as me
and my halting earthbound steps
there in frescoes
in mosaics

and in the frescoes of those blue bed curtains
the sharp triangles of little paper cups
the mosaics of days
a later archaeologist me
would spend years tweezering back into place

before? or after? or when
I floated on meds
and high, above in the grey

sharp triangles,
always the saem bird
from three thousand miles
and three thousand years


above where I walk
secret phoenix they give earth-bound names
to, but you know

I know

the fire-air-water
I floated, you flew

You float
I fly

Thanks to for the prompt to write about an animal.


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