MD Kerr

The Thing in the Corner

A hybrid villanelle

Handwritten poem

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I am awake and it is there; it is not
imagined: sounds such as humming, hissing, static, zapping, and buzzing noises are
dreams twisting on themselves

but the thing itself is there. Inescapable. Approaching. Always
reported during sleep paralysis. Other sounds, such as voices, whispers and roars
I am awake! and it is there. It is not

a medieaval hag now. But its bad. Intruders, demons, aliens
are also experienced. These symptoms are usually accompanied by intense
dreams twisting on themselves

of heaving sleep-dead limbs to smack my face, which never move, and
emotions such as fear and panic. People also have sensations of being dragged out.
I am awake and it is there. It is not.

But all the wake-long day, it haunts my spine with dread
of bed or of flying, numbness, and feelings of electric tingles of vibrations, running
dreams. Twisting on themselves,

every forgotten evil coalesces in the corner, made real again
through their body.
I am awake and it is there; it is not
dreams twisting on themselves.

Thanks to for the prompt to write a villanelle (not necessarily rhymed or metred), using lines from another text, with two opposing ideas. The second line of each stanza are from an article on sleep paralysis on Wikipedia, used in order.


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