MD Kerr

Day 6

A sestina of possibilities

Handwritten poem

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If I could fly the boat, hot-air balloons
above me straining rivets, leather straps
like promise framing sepia sky, and bolts
securing copper cleats, the oak-wood grain
as bright as brass, through clouds of wheeling birds
above the castles, all would go as planned.

Id filled my palms with tiny cogs. Id planned
machines constructing dreams a plan balloons
so fast and soon the chute was spitting birds
out, urgent capsules held with tiny straps
above and under wings. Demanding grain,
they scoured the sky for answers, lightning bolts

exploding words. I quickly stitched up bolts
of silk to launch a rescue, wildly planned
a diagram of baskets, nets, and grain,
sulphuric acid, iron, to fill balloons
with hydrogen; I scissored sturdy straps
and filled the sand-bags when I looked, the birds

were gone. Theyd flown. Id never meant for birds
to hunt addresses no-one has, or bolts
to char the wings around me. Pointless straps
still dangled, tied to silk and cogs. Id planned
a dream machine, but now I had balloons
that filled my sky with silky dreams. A grain

of thought: Id plane the oak along the grain
and frame it, dowels, caulk, and pitch: the birds
are not the only ones who fly. Balloons
can carry more than dreams. A vision bolts
so fast and soon the castle stones Id planned
were weights that held the boat in place; the straps

from burnt-up birds were ties to hold the straps
Id rivet on. It goes against the grain
to work without a plan, and so, I planned:
Id sail the seven skies, Id find the birds
and answer every word. I smelted bolts
from cogs while drizzle soaked my silk balloons.

The leather straps were brittled. Somewhere, birds
were begging grain for words. I cupped the bolts
I hadnt planned and wept for wet balloons.


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