MD Kerr

Day 9

List poem: Things that Cannot Be Named

Handwritten poem

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The orange-infused shadows from a thickly overcast watery sun
The distinction point where turquoise becomes aquamarine
The pleasurable confusion of smiling too intimately at a stranger in the supermarket, by mistake
The irritated confusion of being asked to guess a price for something when one has no yardstick for its value
The known positions in which familiar lovers arrange their limbs, to sleep
The expectation that someone will see things as you do, once you have explained fully, being thwarted
The overlapping green forest-scales which a particular song always evokes, and related visions
The colours that bluebottle butterflies see, being possessed of fifteen types of photoreceptor
The identity of a person in a dream who is also another person
The greyness before one identifies the cause of a sadness
The shared thrill and fear between strangers when it suddenly rains very heavily
The feeling of one season overlapping the previous yearsí and living their accumulation simultaneously
The shape of a word one canít remember
The knowledge when a thought already exists but has yet to emerge
The sense of kinship with another car travelling at the same speed as you on the motorway
The anguishing pity at a sincere gift going unappreciated or being misguided
The belief you can reverse time in the few seconds after you drop your favourite mug
The true reason you love someone


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